All free items Fortnite players got today. There is quite a lot of it

There were many different styles announced in Fortnite today.

As predicted, we saw many new different styles in Fortnite that players got for free. It’s about people who had skins before. In total, there are a few new items that most players should be satisfied with.

These items are picked up automatically, just log in to the game. You will be greeted by a special screen with the option of collecting all cosmetics.

What to expect, what items are available?

First of all, it’s about the golden Skull Trooper and its female version. Lots of people have these skins. On top of that comes “Sanctum” – it’s actually a style, not a separate skin.

In addition, several pickaxes and backpacks in other colors. The redeem screen looks like this:

There are no hidden rules or requirements here. You had the skin – you get the style.