Will no build mode stay in Fortnite in future seasons? Epic just did something

No-build mode turned Fortnite upside down. It is known that this will be a permanent mode in Season 2 of Chapter 3. What will happen after that?

Will no building mode remain in Fortnite in future seasons? Epic has not answered this question so far and it is unlikely to change. Importantly, the developers have just created a special page, where they informed that the build mode will be an inherent part of Fortnite.

Developers use a few terms there, which indicate that the no-building mode will stay in Fortnite forever.

The no-building mode will probably stay in Fortnite

If Epic would want to withdraw this mode, it wouldn’t explain what exactly it is after a few weeks. The website says that you can earn XP as normal in this mode, that it is treated on a par with BR that has the build option.

There’s also an interesting point about the fact that future updates will apply to the no-building mode as much as they do to regular Battle Royale.

So it seems certain that the No Building in Fortnite will stay for good, also in future seasons.