There has been a small change in Fortnite today that causes players not being able to sleep at night. It’s about this flag

There have been a few changes to the Fortnite map today. Some are clear, others raise some questions.

According to morning leaks, one of the airships was shot down. Currently, it can be found lying in the water. Everything is clear here.

However, there is a change that confuses players a bit and raises some theories. Either Epic just got it wrong, or old assets were used, the developers just messed up the Fortnite storyline.

That one flag

Players realized the Ghost flag has appeared on the map. And now the question is what exactly does this mean.

The simplest explanation is simply reusing assets. But is it really so? Everyone has some doubts here. The players themselves write that in theory this organization does not exist, but nothing can be 100% certain.

There are many theories on this topic. Most probably we will just have to wait for the events to unfold, as even the leakers don’t know what to make of it these days.