Who has the most hours spent in Fortnite? 300-400 days does not impress anyone anymore

Ninja, one of the once-popular Twitch streamers, has started a discussion about who has the most hours in Fortnite.

Ninja used to play Fortnite for several hours every day. Then he gave up on it, but still managed to get nearly 400 days spent in the game.

Most games give these values in hours, so for Ninja, it is about 9,000 of them. Of course, the streamer started the whole discussion, and there were people in the comments who were really crazy about Fortnite.

Most hours in Fortnite

It’s hard to say who actually spent the most time in Fortnite because Epic’s client also counts time spent in the game’s menu. In any case, it quickly turned out that 300-400 days is a standard among players.

Recognition only starts from 900 days or approximately 21,000 hours. This is what, for example, Lachlan, one of the popular YouTubers, achieved.

The largest, reasonably sensible result that appeared in that thread was 1,130 days. In total, it gives about 27,000 hours and this can be considered the most time spent in the game so far.

Of course, there were unrealistic numbers mentioned, like 2929 days, but hardly anyone will believe that someone played the game for 70,000 hours. Especially since, going back so many days, we would have 2014.

If you have over 300 days, you can already boast about the result. Before this number, there is no point – virtually everyone in that topic had over 300 days played.