Almost 500 level this Fortnite season without any bugs or glitches. What’s the secret?

One of the players this season has just broken the level 490 barrier. As he says, he doesn’t use any bugs and glitches and streams on Youtube.

This season of Fortnite, as in all previous ones, there are a lot of bugs that allow you to earn XP. Usually, it is about the creative mode and exploiting local bugs.

However, there is one person who is over level 490 and still hasn’t used any bugs. His secret lies elsewhere, in a completely different mode that many people have long since completely ignored.

How much do you have to play to get to this level?

LootStation is one of those people who grind their levels very hard. To get to that level this season, you have to play around 10-12 hours a day. Youtuber’s secret is in the “Impostors” mode.

The player streams his games every day for several hours in a row, on which he constantly does the same thing. It even looks like a robot is doing it. If you do the same task 182 times, you may actually get into some habits.


Is such grinding profitable? If you care only about the level, then yes. If not, it is extremely difficult mentally. You play only one mode for several hours a day, you do the same and you have to involve your friends, or a laptop or another computer.

However, it is not impossible. It can be done, as exemplified by LootStation, who is about to get to level 500. Based on his videos, he is able to get 10 levels a day.