How to get a free Fortnite glider? A new event with free prizes has started

In Fortnite, as the leaks stated in the past, a new mini-event has been launched, where you can get a few not very significant items, but also a glider.

Another leak is confirmed. In fact, one of the gliders is free to get and you don’t have to win a million games or be the best. It is enough to do not too difficult challenges. The last challenge will allow you to unlock the glider.

What, where and how?

The whole thing is called “Zero Build Trials”. Epic has launched a special page where everything takes place. The whole thing is comparable to any other community initiative where you just had to complete challenges. Here it is the same:

  • Log in to the site
  • Complete daily challenges (5 in total)
  • Earn in-game rewards

At the moment, there is one challenge available after logging in. There are five challenges in total with different rewards.

Login page (this is an official Epic’s website):

There you will find more points, regulations, etc. The most important thing is to just keep doing next challenges, and that’s it. Then you receive the rewards automatically and can enjoy your new glider.