Fortnite Season 3 may be in Star Wars themes. Darth Vader and 2 other skins have been announced

There is no major doubt that more skins from the Star Wars universe will be added to Fortnite soon.

Yesterday a few things happened that are supposed to prove that there are several different skins coming to Fortnite. You probably know, and if not, you will find out that a dozen or so hours ago there was a special stream from the presentation of Unreal Engine 5.

And it was during this broadcast that the players noticed something that immediately caused great emotions – there was a folder named in a very specific way.


So in season 3 of chapter 3 you should expect a Darth Vader skin. This is a direct announcement and there is no point in even discussing it.

The next skins were announced by Mustard himself

Then Donald Mustard joined the announcement and posted on his Instagram and Twitter:

It’s been said before, but now it’s virtually certain that Season 3 could have a lot to do with Star Wars. Donald Mustard’s post can be seen as a wink on Fortnite players and a preview of C-3PO & Chewbacca skins.