When will these spectacular tornadoes and dinosaurs enter Fortnite? Challenges leave a hint once again

The challenges are currently the only hint about possible dates for introducing new content.

This morning we wrote about Tilted Towers coming to Fortnite before or during Week 8 of Chapter 3 Season 1. The challenges include the task of visiting this place.

In this way, it is relatively easy to determine when new products will be introduced, including tornadoes and dinosaurs. A lot of people are waiting for the first ones.

Epic doses news

One of the most interesting news that will appear in Fortnite will be tornadoes. Epic knows perfectly well that it cannot implement everything at once, so these types of elements will not be released until the following weeks. When exactly? In the case of tornadoes, it will certainly be before week 6.

Shiina also mentions a flare, which will also be rolled out before Challenge Week 6. What else? Of course, dinosaurs. They are due to appear a week later.

So the current timetable is:

  • Tornadoes and Flares – 6th week
  • Dinosaurs – 7 weeks
  • Tilted Towers – Week 8

Before that, you can definitely expect a winter event. Epic is already preparing for it, the files include information about a special background that will appear in the menu and in the store.