When will Tilted Towers return to Fortnite? This is indicated by the challenge that will appear…

Currently, snow hides many secrets, not only in the form of dinosaurs but also entire spots.

Snow is a very convenient way to make smooth map changes. Its disappearance seems normal, natural. Thanks to this, Epic can refresh the map from time to time, adding new or old places to it.

One of the most interesting locations to appear in the game are of course the Tilted Towers. According to leaks, Epic will make sure that everyone sees their return.

When will Tilted Towers be in the game?

When will the spot be back? Unfortunately, there is no exact date, but it will probably happen in the 8th week of challenges. As Shiina writes, it is this week when there will be the Tilted Towers challenge.

Of course, it is still a leak, but the return is rather certain. The layout of the buildings on the map is 100% correct, Epic itself gives hints in the form of loading screens, there seem to be no major doubts.