A smart way to get into the Fortnite vault without a second player

Epic left a simple way to get to the vault that players ruthlessly use.

This season of Fortnite is very interesting, because on the one hand, it introduces completely new mechanics and solutions, on the other, it brings back some things that players know from the past.

One of those things is vaults. They can be found in several places on the map, they contain a lot of interesting items and it would seem that other players are needed to open them. As it turns out, they are not.

How to open a vault without a second person?

It turns out that the vault can be opened not only thanks to the other person but also thanks to the pet. It is not known if this is a bug or whether Epic has specifically left such an option, but yes, it works at the moment.

Epic advised players to get creative this season, so the community took it to heart. There is a possibility that it will be changed or fixed during the season. For now, you can easily deal with opening the vault by yourself.