There are already dinosaurs on the island in Fortnite, but so far they are sleeping well. Hardly anyone noticed them

Dinosaurs are definitely coming to Fortnite, there’s no doubt about that. How do we know this? They are already on the island.

Before the start of this season, there was a lot of talk about dinosaurs, but few suspected that Epic would actually introduce them. Already in the trailer, you could sense that the developers are giving us little hints about their presence.

Here again, you could say that Epic is trolling, that they put elements that are not and will not be in the game. Well, something is clearly lurking under the blanket of snow.

It’s not a monster, but there is something there

The fact that dinosaurs are already on the island can be found out only after a while of exploration. If you thought that you were hearing something during the game, some breathing, then you were definitely right.


This will definitely be Epic’s way of keeping Fortnite fresh. The less snow, the more different spots, but also surprises, such as dinosaurs. It is difficult to say how much time the earth will thaw, after all, winter is just beginning, but in the 7-8 weeks there will already be challenges connected to discovered locations.