Virtually certain that Matrix skins will appear in Fortnite. This announcement shows it

Several hours ago, an announcement appeared on the official profile of The Game Awards, which is considered the final confirmation of Fortnite and Matrix’s cooperation.

We’ve known for some time that Fortnite and Matrix are going to work together. However, it is today or tomorrow (depending on time zones) that we will probably get the first details. It is known that Epic likes to appear at The Game Awards.

TGA in a nutshell is the most popular plebiscite for the best games in different categories. Last year, Epic showed cooperation with The Walking Dead there. This year it could be the Matrix.

Announcement of the announcement

On the official profile of The Game Awards, there is a trailer for the Matrix trailer, which will contain “EPIC” announcements. This is an obvious reference to Epic Games itself.

Now it remains only to wait for this trailer, on the occasion of which we will probably see either the complete skins already, or some additional preview of cosmetic items, maybe Fortnite x Matrix event.