When is Fortnite update 18.10? What to expect? XP changes, animals, map changes

According to Epic’s normal schedule, the update marked as 18.10 should be released tomorrow in Fortnite.

Update 18.10 is extremely interesting, because according to the files it contains a lot of so-called “builds”, in other words, it can be really big. Although, of course, this is not some confirmation of an event, a new game mode, or anything else.

The number of “builds” for the update has already exceeded 1000. For comparison:

  • 17.50 – 418 builds
  • 18.00 – 632 builds
  • Rift Tour – 720 builds

What is known about this update?

First of all, and this is officially known, Epic will change the way you earn experience points. It can be expected that the overall amount of XP will be increased, while the nerf will see the “Impostor” mode.

We’ve noticed that XP gained in Battle Royale this season isn’t where we’d like it to be and are making a variety of improvements. We’ll update everyone on 9/28 with the changes we’re making. Thanks for playing Season 8!

This is definitely one of the most anticipated changes. According to the community, this season is by far the worst in terms of XP. Various memes were even created for this occasion:

What else? Cooperation with Monopoly, of course. There are a few different backpacks in the files that are likely to be released in the 18/10 series. With it, maybe quite a special game mode, but this has not been confirmed.

In addition, everyone is waiting for creatures to ride on. Even yesterday, HYPEX reported that the topic is still circulating out there somewhere.

There are also some new weapons that Epic has announced.

It is worth remembering that the developers will slowly start mentioning the Fortnitemares, but there will be time for this event, rather you should not expect that something specific will appear in the files on 18.10.

The last topic is map changes. In one of the trailers, you can clearly see that something is going to happen in the Steamy Stacks.

This is really all that is known at the moment. Epic will surely surprise with something, but it is not known what it will be yet.