What happened to the Fortnite rocket that was about to be launched? Mission failed

What happened to the rocket that was supposed to be launched a few days ago?

The leaks turned out to be real, and a rocket emerged from one of the hatches. Everyone was expecting a mini-event, but the rocket simply disappeared – as if it was never really there. Some people were convinced that this was the end of this story.

There was even information on the web that the rocket had taken off, although there was no visible launch in the game itself.

What happened to it?

It turns out that the rocket did not finally take off. We learn this from the Scientist’s dialogues.


You just need to know that the rocket did not start in the game, because it simply did not take off. In some time there will be another attempt, the rocket itself will look different. This is one of the side stories that doesn’t have a direct impact on the gameplay at the moment, but that is likely to change.