More items from 2 years ago will return to Fortnite. Epic goes back to its old ideas

It looks like Epic will try to bring back more 2019 items.

Yesterday quite unexpectedly, one of the items that were withdrawn in Update 9.0 appeared in Fortnite. Hardly anyone will remember, but it was an update from May 2019. Clingers were not available for two years until Epic suddenly brought them back.

Why? Good question, it’s possible that the developers are using fewer people on the servers and thus testing whether the return of a specific mechanic will be a good idea.

But that’s not all there is to come back

As reported by HYPEX, the treasure map will return, an item that was withdrawn in exactly the same update – 9.0.

The map is to receive its new version, working in a slightly different way. But the very fact that this is the second item from 9.0 to come back is interesting. Among other things, because this update has withdrawn many interesting items.

Will anything from that period come back? Very possible, but at the moment it is not certain.