Information about the next cooperation that will appear in Fortnite. More characters for older players

The latest information suggests that Fortnite will have at least a few characters that will be recognized primarily by older players.

Another collaboration in Fortnite is no surprise. At the moment, cooperative skins are almost as many as epic’s original skins. The latest leaks mainly concern Microsoft and Bethesda.

As we read, more iconic characters are to be found in Fortnite – these will actually be recognized mostly by slightly older people who have played, for example, Doom.

Who will be first?

Leakers were able to find the first character to potentially enter the game. Doom Slayer can be a really interesting addition.

Of course, as it happens in such cases, it is completely unknown when or what to expect. Maybe it’s the next Battle Pass, or maybe it’s this season’s plan. The only information is that Epic is talking with Microsoft.