An item that was discontinued in 2019 unexpectedly returned to Fortnite

Epic, despite the fact that its employees are on vacation, from time to time reminds players that Fortnite never fully sleeps.

Everyone is waiting for the update marked as 19.10 at this point, and Epic is quite unexpectedly bringing back to the game not only very old cosmetic items but also those that will affect the gameplay.

This particular item was removed years ago, back in Update 9.00, in May 2019. It’s been a really long time before Epic suddenly returns Clingers. Why? Good question.

Return after 2 years

Events where Epic restored various items every day come to mind. There is no question about it here, but it is always some variety to the game.

Clinger’s stats remain unchanged, they can be found in normal game modes. Their presence does not seem to be the result of a bug – the developers released them at the full hour, and there is an in-game message about them, so everything is correct.