Epic will be back early from holidays. New, probable Fortnite update 19.10

Leakers report that Epic will be back early from vacation.

It was originally assumed that Epic would be on vacation until the first week of January. This meant that the update marked 19.10 would not be released until January 11th. It is a very distant date that made the community anxious.

Leakers report that Epic may return earlier as their vacation ends on January 2, and not until January 10 as expected. Of course, these are still just unconfirmed speculations that do not have to come true.

Potential update date for 19.10 in Fortnite

Now there are two options, the update may appear on January 4, or, as previously assumed, on January 11, 2022. Before the update, there are to be some news, such as:

  • An event for the new year
  • An event for the new year
  • New healing item
  • Dr. Slone skin
  • New emote

So there is a chance that the update will eventually appear earlier than expected. However, the initial date is still most probable. If it turns out to be real, then it will be more than a week for Fortnite to experience more than just returns of rare items or fireworks for the new year.