When will the snow in Fortnite begin to melt? All stages of what the island will look like

Leakers show what the island will look like in Fortnite when the snow melts.

The leakers have already given several different pieces of information regarding the snow. One time they say that the snow will not melt, then change their mind and insert a map preview without snow. It is hard to understand because everything changes every day.

Yesterday, HYPEX suggested that perhaps some of the snow would remain on the island. Today it publishes all the stages of its melting down.

What is this supposed to look like?

So now we are at the stage that everything will melt after all. The entire process is scheduled to begin on January 7. So far, snow disappearance should be simply considered a mistake. If Epic doesn’t change plans, of course. The leaker writes:

This is another situation in which obtaining information from even the most popular leaker in the world can be misleading. In Fortnite, everything changes very dynamically and sometimes the information becomes inaccurate in less than 24 hours.

So it looks like there will be a total of 9 different stages of snow melting, activated every now and then. It is not yet known when all the snow will disappear from the map, but it is potentially a matter of weeks.