Up to 300,000 XP for one game. Fortnite players have found another way

This time it has little to do with bugs, but it’s still about challenges.

If you’re missing XP, there are currently a couple of good ways to get it. Unfortunately, it requires your time and, in a way, ignoring the normal gameplay. It’s best to do everything with your friends.

In solo mode, according to calculations, you will be able to get about 72,000 XP, while in a full squad – 291,000 XP.

How to do it?

A guide on this method was recorded by YouTuber “Zalltroe”, which shows the order in which to complete the next challenges. No bugs are used here, so there is no question of a possible ban.

It is true that you have to sacrifice a few games, but the results are really promising. A few or several dozen stars for each game can certainly sparkle joy. The full video with a presentation from YouTuber (less than 50 seconds) is below.


It’s not complicated, and after a few games, most things are done automatically out of habit. However, you need to find your own pattern, share tasks sensibly, and do it efficiently.