Finally, new information about Naruto in Fortnite. Epic has introduced a new NPC to the files

The Naruto case went quiet enough that some people forgot about it completely. Now, however, something specific has emerged.

Naruto has been mentioned in leaks several times over the past weeks, but nothing specific has been reported. He was supposed to appear in October, but more than half of the month has passed and nothing new has happened on the subject.

Now, however, Epic has introduced a new NPC with a very specific name to the files. Leakers point out that this could be Naruto.

Naruto will finally get into the game?

HYPEX informs that there is an NPC called “Headband” in the files, this name can connect directly to Naruto, although at the moment it is more guesswork than certain. After that, the appearance of the NPC and any sensible details about him are unknown.

It may be Naruto, but this should not be taken as a final confirmation of the appearance of the skin. This is just a sign that Epic is still working on it and hasn’t abandoned its plans.