Epic confirms Naruto’s arrival. The first look at the new skins that will come to Fortnite

Epic has confirmed that Naruto will be introduced to Fortnite on November 16. Leaks mention that it won’t end there.

Yesterday evening, Epic posted on their social media a confirmation of the appearance of Naruto. Unique “Fortnite X Naruto” art was added. Thus, the leaks of one of the largest leakers were confirmed.

Now, on the profiles of people dealing with leaks, photos of more cosmetic items from the world of Naruto have appeared.

The first look at the skins

HYPEX, the same person who predicted the premiere of Naruto, added something that can safely be called a first glance at new skins.

So it looks like Naruto won’t be the only hero to make an appearance in Fortnite. The only question is whether all the skins will appear at once or not. The second graphic shows a backpack, probable pickaxes and a new weapon that will appear in the game – the exploding Kunai.