Epic removes Travis Scott’s items from Fortnite players if they so wish

Epic didn’t know how to approach this at first. Now, however, it is all beginning to clear up.

This is not the first time in games that the developer allows to return items related to an artist, employee, or event. Recently, for example, Overwatch players have had this in connection with the scandals around Blizzard.

It is similar with Fortnite now. Players wishing to return Travis Scott-related items may do so. To do this, write to the support department. At first, Epic replied that there was no such option, now items are returned.

Return of Travis Scott’s items

If you write to Support, it is very likely that you will be able to return these items without using the return token.

Epic is not causing any problems with this at the moment, understanding the situation. This applies to skins, emotes, and gliders as well.

Don’t expect the removal of items for everyone. It is about people who will wish so, at least for the moment.