After 8 seasons, one of Fortnite’s favorite vehicles may return to the game

The latest leaks suggest that the well-liked vehicle may return to Fortnite after many long months.

A lot of different vehicles have passed through Fortnite. Some were a complete flop, others were really liked by players. Now HYPEX reports that Epic has updated one of the vehicles.

It was introduced in Update 6.10 and was withdrawn at the end of Season 10.

Quadcrasher could return to Fortnite

We are talking about Quadcrasher, most of whom will associate him not so much by name but by appearance:

Epic has updated its files, which may indicate a comeback. Of course, this is not confirmed, but developers are unlikely to go back to something they are not going to restore.

Quadcrusher can come back in the same way as part of the normal, but also in some special mode. Rather, these are plans for season 9, since there is only one update left by the end of this season.