Tomorrow is one big mystery for Fortnite. Even the leakers don’t know what to expect

Tomorrow should see a new update in Fortnite, labeled 21.51, but it is shrouded in one big mystery.

In theory, an update should take place tomorrow, which will bring things related to the end of the season or the upcoming event to the files. So far, it is not known for sure if it will happen at all.

The update is supposed to appear, it’s on the test servers, while its content and the course of the entire update remain one big mystery. Maybe Epic will hold an event, or maybe not release it at all. Currently, even the biggest leakers don’t know anything.

What will happen tomorrow?

If it is a normal content update, information about it will not appear until the afternoon. In the morning there is unlikely to be news, although who knows. Developers may surprise here with something.

HYPEX writes that he himself does not know what to expect.

The update doesn’t even have to take place tomorrow. It can be carried out just the same on Wednesday, or any other day before the new season. Therefore, as much as nothing is known about it.