Once the world’s most popular streamer, he lost his Twitch partnership. All Fortnite players know him

Ninja has lost his Twitch partnership, the streamer wrote on his Twitter that he is taking a break.

A few hours ago, something very strange happened in the Twitch world. Ninja, once the most popular Fortnite streamer, lost his partnership. It’s not clear why or what exactly happened, but there is no classic icon next to his nickname.

Twitch either took the partnership away itself, or it was at the request of the streamer himself – here it’s really hard to say what happened. Maybe it’s about the end of a contract or something the public doesn’t know.

The Twitter account has been changed

At the moment, the name of Ninja’s Twitter account is “User not found.”

The streamer’s latest message says he is taking a break. Which is strange, because just a few hours earlier he was streaming normally.

The only clue people have found is a Twitch clip that was made just during the recent broadcast:


Perhaps this is the end of Ninja for good, after all, he doesn’t need to stream at all. Or maybe it’s a temporary burnout.