The last update for this Fortnite season is coming. It will tell if there will be an event

Leakers indicate that a final season 3 update is coming to Fortnite. This one is expected to appear as early as next week.

This is not some breaking news, as we have been mentioning for quite some time that patch 21.51 is due to appear. Everyone was convinced that the event files would already be included in 21.50, while this is reportedly not the case.

So we have to hope that next Tuesday will bring some concrete information about the event. Unless, again, none will appear.

The last update of this season

A very specific question arises – should we expect a live event this season? At the moment, it does not look too good. However, it is worth remembering that Epic may hold the event not at the end of S3, but at the beginning of season 4.

There is really little time left until the end of the season. In fact, it’s just over a week now, as we’re talking about September 12/13. And so the whole season has passed – quite boring according to the players, but maybe S4 will be more interesting.