This novelty in Fortnite was too “spicy” for China. As a result, the players there will never find out about it

Chinese players have many different restrictions, now there are more.

It’s hard to say if this add-on was somehow too scandalous, but it is indeed missing in the Chinese version of season 8. One may suspect that this is a general theme of arming, but for now, those are only theories.

One of the novelties in the new season are turrets, specifically their construction. The players’ task is to build turrets to “decide together which weapons to develop, which will reappear in the game, and so on.”

The general theme of these turrets revolves around the cube war, and apparently, this aspect was inappropriate in China.

Chinese gamers will never know about it

As leakers inform, these turrets are completely absent in the Chinese version of Fortnite.

It is not entirely clear why, as it does not seem controversial. If not for Chinese Fortnite, probably no one would pay attention to it too much. In fact, for Epic, this is quite an important element, because yesterday the number of funds needed for turrets was reduced from a billion to 250 million. This, however, does not explain the topic.

Leakers, and people dealing with Fortnite in general, suspect that the problem could be the thread of war, fighting with someone – it could have caused the turret addition to be completely removed. However, there is no evidence for this.