This cube is to play the main role in Fortnite. It will connect with the others and destroy the spots

Everything is slowly going to one thing, which is combining all the cubes.

The leaks were definitely right. In fact, the Queen will play a very important role in Fortnite. At this point, everything indicates that the plot will revolve around her and the golden cube.

The cubes are moving and most likely trying to merge with the golden one, which will begin to float above the map in the future.

What is known about this cube?

For several hours, leakers searched files related to the golden cube in every possible way. It quickly turned out that:

  • It is supposed to connect with other cubes.
  • It will shoot lasers.
  • It can hover above the map and play an important role in the game – destroy locations.

People searching the game files as proof of their words show the sounds that are assigned to the golden cube:


In addition, it is known that more cubes will appear during the season, these will be of different sizes. The information is not very precise yet, but all indications are that they will slowly take over the entire island.