This spot is one of the best in the new Fortnite season, and it hasn’t even been named

The map changes caused some big surprises.

If you want good items, you should definitely consider landing here. Not many people know about it at the moment, but here is one of the best loot in the game. Interestingly, Epic decided not to name this place.

There are 46 crates here, with a total of 150 places where items can appear – so consider landing here. As the players themselves write, it is impossible to move there without getting on a box.

Unnamed but very good location

The question is why Epic wants players so much to be there. Maybe this place will be one of the most important to the storyline? The question is, why isn’t this location even named then?

If you don’t know where it is, it is the path between Believer Beach and the Holly Hedges.

Sure, it will only be more players there in the next few hours, but for now, it’s worth taking advantage of. The biggest mystery is the fact that it’s not even a POI (Point of Intrest), so you can’t say it’s a normal location. And yet it has more crates than some spots.