A new item is coming to Fortnite to increase the speed of players

A rather unusual item will be released in Fortnite, which is a variation of “Chug Splashes”.

Many different items will appear in Fortnite. Some will be much more interesting, others will be quickly forgotten. Leakers report that something called “Spicy Splashes” has been found in the files.

Leakers are not sure about what this item is supposed to give. However, everyone agrees that it can be used and that it should affect the speed of players.

Spicy Splashes in Fortnite

Using this item will increase the player’s speed by 1.4x, this effect will last for one minute. It sounds really interesting and can be useful for duels with opponents or moving faster around the map.

Now there are two versions of leaks. One says that the item is supposed to heal 20 health points, the others don’t mention it at all.

The release date, of course, is unknown, but you can guess that this is a matter of updating the content, that is, maybe even next week.