The cube theme has returned to Fortnite in full splendor. Kevin began to mess around

Epic again made use of the cube theme they had invented.

Everyone remembers the moment Kevin first appeared in Fortnite. Players could then watch the cube move across the map. Kevin was destroying spots and sparking up a lot of theories.

Interestingly, this theme returned with season 8. The cube on the Believer Beach moved yesterday evening.

The first movements of the cube

Nothing amazing has happened so far, but the fact itself is very interesting. Originally, Kevin was moving around the map and it looks like the cubes will be roaming this time too. Of course, this is just the beginning of this story, so it is difficult to say what the purpose of this will be.


In fact, however, the cube next to the Believer Beach has evidently moved. Exactly the same way as Kevin. You can guess that it will now become the norm, something that will happen every day at the appointed time.