The first look at the secret skin that will appear in Fortnite as part of the Season 8 Battle Pass

Many people believed that Naruto would be the secret skin – according to our earlier information, it is not about him.

Mixrod has undergone several changes in recent days, as a result of which there was less news. From tomorrow, however, we return to normal mode. The new season, of course, brings new opportunities and interesting topics, so it’s time to get down to business.

Today we will mention, among other things, the secret skin that will appear during the eighth season. Today we know that it will not be Naruto, but the queen – yes, the leak about her was also real, although nothing foreshadowed it.

A first look at the Fortnite Queen

It is not known what role the queen will play, but leakers have been able to get her initial appearance.

Surely Epic will want to introduce her in some way – it can actually happen at any time, even today. For now, however, it should be considered another unconfirmed leak.