This is what the new effect will look like when dealing damage in Fortnite. According to players, it’s worse

Epic has unveiled in one of its surveys what the new damage display effect will look like.

All indications are that Epic will soon change the graphical display of damage inflicted. Player feedback on the subject is overwhelmingly negative. The masses of people write that it reminds them of mobile production.

So perhaps Epic will rethink the matter, while for the time being the developers are rather determined to make these changes. According to the most popular leaker, HYPEX, the change should appear later this season.

What will it look like?

The first thought that comes to mind for gamers is all those ads for Chinese mobile productions. Is the community actually right about this?


HYPEX reports that this should come later in the season. Of course, this information is not official and should not be taken as something fully confirmed.

Epic itself showed this, but as part of a survey. It is known that surveys are there to gather feedback. If this one is negative, there is a chance that the developers will abandon the idea.