How has the map in Fortnite changed from the very beginning until now? You can see the path that players have gone through

Initially the map in Fortnite was even strangely empty, today it is a different world altogether.

Everyone probably remembers the look of the absolute first Fortnite island. In retrospect, it’s hard to believe that it was so empty, and still everyone had a great time on it. Epic quickly decided to change it, introducing new areas.

Today, several years later, it looks completely different, as best shown by a simple comparison created by the community.

Fortnite map once and today

A short animation shows the path that Fortnite has gone through. You can perfectly see when the developers decided to introduce additional, more advanced biomes.


As usual with these types of animations, there is exactly the same voice of the community, which would like to be able to choose for itself which map it will play on. Of course, this is impossible at the moment, but it may change with the upcoming huge update of Creative Mode.