This is what Fortnite looks like when it is moved into space. This is what another surprising season could look like

Currently, most theories about the next season on social media mainly concern Marvel. However, players would like to see something fresh.

At one time in the Fortnite community, there was talk of a theory about the transfer of the game’s action to space. The season would simply be played on a space version of the current island. Unfortunately, it ended only with theories.

The players show that it would be worth returning to this idea and implementing it. In fact, then Epic would have a chance to introduce proprietary skins, not only those from collaborations. The subject of space would be very interesting.

Space season in Fortnite

It is easy to imagine that Epic uses a space theme in their game. Skins based on aliens etc. would be introduced. Space Fortnite would be really interesting – so far we only had a strictly alien atmosphere, but Epic decided not to redo the map.


Something like this would definitely be a great change for the current seasons, which are basically collaborative. At the moment, half of the cosmetic items are introduced not from the Fortnite universe, but from other worlds.