This is certain. The Fortnite Halloween 2021 event isn’t all about skins. These are also changes in the gameplay

Leakers are sure that the upcoming Halloween 2021 event will not be limited to just adding new cosmetic items.

New cosmetic items in Fortnite always arouse great emotions, but less and less often they are the main course of various updates or seasonal events. Therefore, it is good that the leakers confirm that the upcoming event will not be limited only to them.

The gameplay is definitely going to change. Unfortunately, it is not known yet how exactly. In the case of Halloween, they are usually some creatures that the community does not like very much, what will it be like this time?

Not only the skins themselves

The day before the new update, it is difficult to expect breakthrough information, so this news is not too special. It confirms, however, that Epic is working hard on “Fortnitemares”.

Unfortunately, details are missing. These can only be guessed. So far, there are so many theories that it’s even hard to choose one. Most of them revolve around the cubes. Figuring out that these will have something to do with Halloween is not difficult, however.