This emote will not appear in Fortnite. Why did Epic completely remove it from the game files?

Some items, although they are ready for release, will not have a chance to appear in Fortnite.

Epic apparently made the final decision on an emote that was based on one of the popular artists. It’s a similar situation to the one with Travis Scott. Daler Mehndi, who you might know from the popular “Tunak Tunak”, was sentenced to 2 years in prison for human trafficking.

Therefore, it seems natural that Epic will not want to release this ready-for-release emote. During the 20.10 update, this one was completely removed from the files. Which means it won’t appear in the game.


Don’t count on this emote appearing

It’s not that a lot of people were waiting for this emote, but some were definitely curious to see what it would eventually look like. Leakers report that Tunak Tunak was not moved to encrypted files, Epic simply deleted everything related to that emote.

Epic doesn’t want any controversy so this decision seems to be a good one – no emotes, no questions, the developers just won’t make a profit.