Darth Vader is not everything. What other Fortnite skins “leaked” during the Unreal Engine presentation?

A few days ago, we mentioned that Darth Vader is coming to Fortnite. Indiana Jones will also be in the game.

During its stream of Unreal Engine, Epic unveiled several skins or collaborations that will appear in Fortnite. It is not known, however, whether the creators disclosed them accidentally or on purpose. Darth Vader was mentioned there, which was later confirmed by one of the YouTubers.

What else is known about skins?

During this stream, not only Darth Vader was revealed. Some folders appeared there, but they were hard to read. In the end, it was shown there:

  • Family Guy,
  • Doom,
  • C3S3_Jones,
  • C3S3_ArmTease.

These are likely collaborations or skins for Season 3 of Chapter 3. It is possible that Epic will surprise with something else, but the folder clearly referred to the next season.