Fortnite players have found a way to sprint forever. A trick that gives you a big advantage

There is a trick in Fortnite that allows you to use sprint unlimitedly.

It is not known if Epic is aware of this, but it will most likely be fixed in the next update. So far, it works and is used by an increasing number of players. So there is no point in pretending that it does not exist.

The trick is to assign the keys and use one of them. For some reason it affects your movement and gives you unlimited sprint. We remind you that using any bugs or errors is at your own risk.

Unlimited Fortnite sprint

What’s this about? First you need to enter the settings and change the option from sprinting with the button pressed to “Disabled”:

Then go to the control settings and change the sprint to scroll the mouse up or down.

And it’s ready. When playing, you only need to use the scroll (all the time). The character will behave quite strangely, but the model will sprint, completely ignoring the stamina level.


Since this is something that affects fair play, Epic might draw the consequences. On the other hand, there have probably never been bans for using bugs, but it is worth bearing in mind.