There will be remedies for Fortnite players for yesterday’s problems. The game was down for several hours

Fortnite had huge technical problems yesterday which meant that players were unable to log in normally.

Fortnite has had downtimes relatively often lately, but they don’t last very long. Yesterday, Epic was struggling with a crash that made Fortnite down for a good couple of hours. The cause is still unknown.

Developers, on the other hand, commented on social media. Their entries suggest that some compensation can be expected, the question is what it will be.

Compensation for technical problems

Two Epic’s entries are widely discussed in the community. One of them contains the following sentence:

“Next week, we’ll have more details on what we’ll do to help you make up for lost time.”

Lost time can be made up for by awarding people extra experience points, and it is very possible that this is what developers will do.

Some also noted the second entry, which says about an additional gift. There is information on several popular profiles that it may be a bonus, potentially a cosmetic item.

However, it is probably a bug with the incorrect display of the gift, although in fact Epic may have prepared something more, which was supposed to start yesterday but was interrupted by technical problems.