There is a reference to cubes on the Fortnite map that no one noticed. It’s not over yet?

Easter eggs are a permanent feature in Fortnite. Perhaps this time it means more than just winking at the players.

This should not be interpreted as an announcement of the return of the cubes, but actually, on the map in Fortnite, you can now find… a cube. And what’s more, in non-random colors. Maybe it’s just an easter egg, or maybe there’s more to it.

So far, there are no specific leaks about cubes. There are only suggestions to somehow celebrate their presence in Fortnite.

Cubes on the Fortnite map

Cubes are dices now, like for some kind of a board game. They are located in one of the cottages. There are 4 in total, one of which is clearly larger and makes for a kind of lamp.

And what about it? In theory, nothing at all, until we remember that these colors correspond to specific cubes.

The most interesting thing is that Epic also put a red cube here. Let us remind you that this one was under the map and so far it is completely unknown what it was for. Perhaps this thread will appear again, or maybe it’s just an easter egg, from which nothing interesting will come out.