How will Epic surprise Fortnite players in the middle of Season 1? Developers are planning something big

No one should be surprised that Epic already has a specific plan for the entire 1 season. Interestingly, however, the developers are planning something special about it.

Fortnite updates are quite clear, they have their cycles, usually, they can be predicted fairly easily. It turns out that the developers in Season 1 of Chapter 3 decided to mix things up a bit in the topic of updates.

There will be a special update in the middle of the season. It is not known yet how it will affect Fortnite and what exactly it will contain, but there is no doubt that it is supposed to be special.

Mid-season update

As reported by leakers, Epic plans to introduce something like a mid-season update. The only question is why? Initially, Shiina is betting that this could be one of the bigger things everyone is waiting for, namely:

  • Tornadoes,
  • Weather changes,
  • Dinosaurs.

“MidseasonS19” sounds incredibly interesting, but at the moment it is too early to say anything more about it, except that such an update is planned and will be implemented around mid-season. We will find out everything about it in some time.