How come players already have this “Polar Peely” skin in Fortnite? A way to unlock it

For several days, players have been unlocking a skin that is theoretically blocked. What’s this about?

There is no point in pretending that there is no way to do that. More and more people are unlocking the “Polar Peely”, the skin available as part of the Winter Festival. In theory, it is blocked, but there is a way to pick it up normally.

Is it working? Yes. Can you get a ban for it? Yes. Therefore, no one, not even the authors, recommends using this method on their main accounts. Everyone, if they do it at all, uses it on alternative, not very important accounts.

How does it happen?

Without going into details, players have created a bot running on Discord servers that, by reading account details, is able to unlock a skin. And while the method works, it is incredibly risky.

You can also lose your account (there are already many fake bots that ask for passwords), or you can get banned. Especially that you provide verification data there, the bot will ask you to log in to your account, etc.

The worst part about it is that it genuinely works. It is not known why or how, but people unlock their skins earlier. Lots of people can’t help it, and these special Discord servers already have huge communities.

As we already mentioned, it’s definitely not worth using it, and certainly not on your main accounts. The skin will be available to everyone soon anyway.