There are cosmetic items from the Matrix in Fortnite. But the most important ones are missing

In today’s Fortnite store, as predicted, there are cosmetic items referring to the Matrix.

The fact that the Matrix world will come to Fortnite has been clear for several weeks. Everyone expected interesting skins referring to the new movie. Meanwhile, there are two things in the store, but neither of them is a skin.

Epic added:

  • a Wrap,
  • an Emote.

Both the emotes and wrap are iconic, but it’s hard not to get the impression that something is missing after all.

No Matrix skins

And now the question is whether Epic is waiting for any special occasion, at any specific time, or is it simply everything that has been planned. The wrap is as follows:

And when it comes to emotes, they look like this:


And that’s all. Where are the skins? This is not known. Maybe they will appear, or maybe for some reason, they have been completely abandoned.