Theis Fortnite emote shows the middle finger. This was definitely not what Epic was about

Glitch makes one of the emotes in Fortnite quite “toxic”. So players began to use it en masse.

Fortnite bugs aren’t anything weird. They happen almost all the time, and usually, people don’t know about them at all. This time, however, is different. All because one of the emotes appears to be improper.

Youtube channels dealing with the issue of bugs directly state that this emoticon should be removed. Why? It shows the middle finger.

What does it look like?

The bug is not something big, but in fact – if you look closely, the emote makes the character actually show the middle finger with a specific skin. However, it is not very noticeable – unless you know about it.


Why are there emote removal requests? This is mainly due to the fact that according to the players, using it is toxic and at the same time it can be considered disrespectful to the opponent. It is doubtful that Epic will completely remove the emote – the developers will simply fix the skin.