What would Fortnite look like if it was released 20 years ago and only in 2D? Pretty good

One player showed what Fortnite would have looked like had it been released 20 years ago.

It is true that Fortnite has been on the minds of developers for many years, but no one 20 years ago even imagined it. But now it’s the other way around – people are wondering what would happen if this title had actually been released 2 decades ago. One of the players decided to create concepts that show what it could look like.

Of course, the whole thing was created in 2D, but it looks quite interesting. Certainly, this type of project would attract people’s attention, even nowadays. It is a bit like Brawl Stars with slightly worse graphics.

Fortnite 20 years ago

“flea_alex” showed how Fortnite looks in a slightly different version. His works have gained great popularity – you can see that the author puts a huge amount of time and work into them.

There is no chance that such a production will be released – even due to copyright, but who knows, maybe someday a typical fan-like project will arise that will bring these concepts to life.