The TikTok legend will get a Fortnite skin? Virtually everyone knows him

More and more is said that one of the very popular TikTokers will receive his own Fortnite skin.

The Fortnite community usually reacts very negatively to any information that Epic is taking the option of adding a TikToker skin to the game. The platform is still rated very poorly by many people.

In this case, it is different, because it is a person who gained popularity by, inter alia, mocking all the strange “tricks” from TikTok that did not make much sense

Khaby Lame x Fortnite

Khaby Lame published a puzzling Story on his Instagram, in which he indirectly asks his audience about the Fortnite skin.

Of course, this should not be taken as a complete confirmation, but indeed the case does seem very interesting. Especially since Epic has recently asked players about a few things related to Fortnite Icons – for example, which skins from this series the community liked the most.