The real reason why Fortnite in China is shutting down. It wasn’t about the money

Everyone knows by now that Fortnite is disappearing from China. The local version officially ends its life after three years of presence on the market.

In the last few dozen hours, there has been a lot of talk about why Fortnite is disappearing from China. It turns out that it wasn’t necessarily about money. Fortnite has not been approved by the Chinese government.

This is exactly the same situation that PUBG grapples with. The productions were not approved, so they could not introduce any form of monetization.

Why is Fortnite disappearing from China?

Epic most likely saw no point in maintaining the Chinese version of the game while it’s not approved.

It turns out that Fortnite itself has never officially launched in China. It was in a test version which is heavily limited.

So money was not the main factor why the Chinese version is disappearing. As we read, there is a good chance that Epic, or rather Tencent, lost its license, which was fixed for a specific amount of time. Perhaps that time has just passed, and the cost of renewing this license was too high to a point when Fortnite could not be monetized.