An event leaked of the end of Fortnite Season 8. In total, the event is to have 7 phases, a preliminary description

It looks like the Fortnite Season 8 End Event is starting to leak.

It has long been speculated that the island would once again face destruction. It slowly becomes true. The largest leakers provide information about the upcoming event. So far, its general outline has been shown, but in a sense it is groundbreaking.

If you don’t want to spoil the surprise, this is the right time to close the tab. This is where spoilers can actually appear for the very end of the season.

The event at the end of Fortnite Season 8

First of all, the event is to have 7 stages. At the moment it is codenamed “Guava”:

The stages were quickly deciphered:

  • 1 – Attack
  • 2 – Beam
  • 3 – Breach
  • 4 – Bridge
  • 5 – Escape
  • 6 – Lobby
  • 7 – Swirl

Description of specific stages:

  • 1 – The queen starts her attack.
  • 2 – The laser shoots a beam at the zero point.
  • 3 – Breach of the underground complex.
  • 4 – Zero point bridge (? – uncertain).
  • 5 – Escape.
  • 6 – Return to the lobby.
  • 7 – The vortex swallows all reality.

So it looks like players will be left with the vision of destroying all reality. This is nothing new, as theories talked about it a few weeks ago.